2015 Sibling STAR Winner

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Sibling STAR

Reserved for the siblings of seriously or chronically ill children, the Sibling STAR is an annual award for those who embody the mission of Nathan's Playroom by displaying excellence in five core values: Family, Community, Compassion, Service, & Self.

  • Family - Unwavering dedication, regardless of circumstance,  and with concern only for support of family in times of need.
  • Community - Being a part of the community through acts of charity, giving of time, and providing for others.
  • Compassion - Showing compassion to others through kindness, understanding, and empathy.
  • Service - Giving to others through acts of service, without regard to time or effort required.
  • Self - Wholly taking care of one's own mind, body, and spirit, to give ability for one to be a positive force for others.